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Sizanani was founded in 2007 by a group of individuals that are committed today as they were then to the development of the under privileged to become self-sufficient.

Sizanani operates out of its head office in 308 Main Road, Tongaat, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. Sizanani has a level three bee scorecard.

Thousands of beneficiaries throughout South Africa have benefited from Sizanani’s numerous projects. Sizanani is a 100% black owned non-profit organisation. The beneficiaries of Sizananis projects thus far have been 100% black consisting of over 60% black rural female and 70% youth.

Sizanani is registered as a tax exempt non-profit organisation.


Is to create a self-reliant society.


To provide a comprehensive network of social development services that enables and empowers the poor, the vulnerable and those with special needs.


SIZANANI is committed to the following principles:

E – Equality and equitable access

M – Mutual Respect

P – People interests first

O – Ownership and Accountability

W – Working Together for progress

E – Effectiveness, Efficiency, Economic

R – Rights and Responsibilities of all citizens

S – Sustainability through diversity



Sizanani  your local  NPO invites you  to a information session   and  tangible empowerment programs  for  the rural black communities the  underprivileged ,

People and  people with disabilities.

Other key focus areas :

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Feeding Schemes
  • Hiv/Aids Awareness
  • Crèche Development
  • Y.E.W. –Young empowered women
  • P.W.D. – working  with People with Disabilities
  • Enterprise Development Management
  • Incubator projects to the unemployed
  • A.E.T & Literacy programs for the previously disadvantaged  people.
  • Socializing a Boy child in schools
  • Promotion of YEP- (Young Empowered People) Skills development and job reaction for unemployed Youth startup business, and entrepreneurship training


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