The broad based black economic empowerment act (BBB-EE) has companies in South Africa scrambling for accredited BBBEE verification agencies to obtain their BEE scorecard/certificate. The BEE Scorecard has seven codes:

1                   Ownership

2                   Management

3                   Skills Development

4                   Employment Equity

5                   Preferential Procurement

6                   Enterprise Development

7                   Socio Economic Development

A large number of companies obtain their scorecards as a last minute reaction to a need rather than a calculated approach. Sizanani has created a division that will guide your company on how to maximise on all seven codes as well as provide SED ( socio economic development )management. Where we will ensure that the 1% NPAT ( net profit after tax ) is spent with an registered non-profit organisation that has over this should read 75 % black Beneficiary base. Sizanani will ensure that all supporting documents are provided to the BEE verification agency of your choice.

In order for companies to ensure maximum points on all of their codes of the scorecard they must ensure that an assessment on their current status is undertaken and a way forward to ensure a higher scoring is formulated.

Sizanani as a registered NPO is one of the preferred beneficiary organization’s of Eskilz a BBBEE Consultancy. As an added value to all Sizanani donors Eskilz will assist in formulating, implementing and monitoring the donors BBBEE Strategy. For further information on this service contact