Children and Families Programme

To create self-reliant, resilient families.
SIZANANI’s Children and Families Programme is aimed at promoting the well-being of children and building resilience of families and communities to care for and protect their children.

We work specifically with vulnerable or at risk families and communities so that we provide services that are aimed at building on strengths of children, parents, care givers, families and communities.

Together, we want to ensure that families at risk are given the opportunity and support to be self-reliant and able to care for, and develop their children.

SIZANANI’s Programme focuses on the well-being of the family, believing this to be critical for the overall functioning of society.

Any breakdown in a family’s functioning and its ability to provide care increases the vulnerability of its members. Therefore, the main aim of SIZANANI’s Children and Families Programme is to help build families that function well and communities that care for, protect and develop children appropriately.

Disability Programme

To create a Self-Reliant, Mainstream Disability Sector

SIZANANI’s Disability Programme’s main objective is to facilitate provision of integrated-programmes and services to promote the rights, well-being and socio-economic empowerment of persons with disabilities, their families and disability awareness rising to wider communities in the province.

Protective Workshop services:

Developmental social work interventions: In rendering these services,  SIZANANI partners with a range of service providers across the province and service offerings include:

  • Awareness and educational programmes on disability issues
  • Peer support programmes
  • Empowerment programmes for persons with disabilities: lifeskills programme, programmes enhancing positive self image, self perception

HIV-Free Communities

The HIV/Aids Programme of SIZANANI aims to de-stigmatise HIV/Aids and empower communities to prevent and treat the disease, so that all affected by the disease can enjoy the best possible standard of living.

This strategy includes an HIV/Aids Programme which aims to support vulnerable people in poor communities, who are affected with, or affected by, HIV/Aids.

We work with those who live in the poorest communities. Our programme aims to strengthen families and communities by giving them access to the tools to avoid infection and to provide care and support for those who are infected.

Together we want to ensure that those infected with HIV/Aids are self-reliant and can remain within their families and communities.

Our HIV/Aids programme is targeted at people living in poor communities who are infected with, or affected by, HIV/Aids. They include Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC’s), Children Headed Households (CHH), people living with HIV/Aids (PWA’s) and their families.

The programmes focus on strengthening families and communities through education, early intervention and services delivered to those who need them in the communities where they live. The programme also wants to ensure that that Children affected by HIV/Aids remain within the family and community, wherever possible.

Youth Empowerment Programme ( YEP )

SIZANANI’s Youth Empowerment Programme ( YEP )aims to enable youth to take responsibility for positive lifestyles, and to contribute through skills development, behaviour modification, recreation and to participate in family and community activities, as well as their own mental health and emotional well-being. This strategy includes a Youth Empowerment Programme committed to the development of young people in our province.

Together, we want to ensure that young people in poor communities are given the opportunities and means to become resilient and self-reliant.

Our Youth Empowerment Programme provides appropriate, coordinated support for young people, as well as their families.

Our programme builds on the strengths of young people, through skills development and community service aimed at assisting personal growth, volunteerism and accountability. We believe that these strengths lay the foundation for a positive future and help youth to become responsible citizens.

Community Development

SIZANANI’s Community Development Programme aims to give the poor of the poor a safety net, while supporting their development towards self-reliance and sustainability.

This strategy includes a Community DevelopmentProgramme aimed at improving income, asset and capability of families and communities to enhance their livelihoods through the implementation of poverty alleviation, reduction and empowerment interventions focusing on income and food security by 2017.

The Community DevelopmentProgramme aims to make sure that vulnerable people have access to basic income, skills development and food security. We want to encourage self-reliance. This means providing opportunities and support that enable individuals to sustain themselves and their families.