for as long as sizanani charity has been around we have established and done everything in our power to dissemble community hunger, It has always been of great concern to us that suffering was happening in the communities that we grew up in. Our Johannesburg and Durban branches have made partnerships and relationships with multiple food vendors over the years and as a group we work toward aiding the same problem. In helping our communities and country in eventuality, NPO’S such as Sizanani Charity create a sense of comeradery between vendors, NPO’s and the community.

They say charity starts at home, At Sizanani Charity we also believe in the more the merrier. Over the years we have realized it is not the number of people who know but the impact you have on those certain people, together, as a community we can strive towards a better and more secure tomorrow.


“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.” John F. Kennedy

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