“When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down A Lion” – Unknown

Sizanani Charity in partnership with the Menstruation Foundation are working towards tying down the lion at hand, which is period poverty in South Africa. Period poverty is not just a women issue rather a human issue that affects all humans. It degrades our girls and women’s dignity and has caused a huge division amongst women who can and cannot afford sanitary products.

Studies show that a woman spends about R19 800 in her lifetime for her period cycle, not including the costs of replacing underwear that have permanent stains due to period leakage, period care, medication and all the numerous unpleasant side effects ranging from mild cramps to crippling abdominal pain such as endometriosis.


We have partnered with MENstruation Foundation in tying down this lion that is degrading women’s dignity, making young girls miss 10-30 % of their school days while other schoolgirls drop out of school. In addition, have put our foot down to ignoring the issue of women utilizing rags, cardboards, toilet paper as newspapers as a form of a pad.

Our goal is to install sanitary napkin vending machines in public schools where every young woman will have boundless access to, whilst generalizing menstrual conversations and clearing up all the taboo, myths and misconceptions concerning menstruation.

Sizanani Charity and MENstruation are standing together, united to bring back women’s dignity whilst ensuring that no girl child misses school due to the lack of sanitary pads. South Africa lets unite and together we can eradicate period poverty in South Africa.

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Written by Asamkele Menzeleli

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